Every Nook and Cranny Cleaning Tools

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Get into every nook and cranny of your sewing machine with these handy, reusable cleaning tools from The Gypsy Quilter®. Silicone bristles are soft yet effective in cleaning your sewing machine, as well as your home appliances and electronics. The variety of tips in the package give you several options for reaching all of those tiny, hard-to-reach areas. To clean the brushes, simply wash in mild soapy water and air dry to remove the dust and lint from your cleaning tools. Color: Colored Bristles with Black Handles Made of: Silicone Bristles with Plastic Handles Care: Wash with Mild Soapy Water and Air Dry Use: Machine Cleaning Brushes Total Size: 4-1/8in long including 1in of bristles Included: Four Cleaning Tools